Export data as CSV or Excel file in C#

Export data as CSV or Excel file in C# is one of the widely used functionality in most of the applications. So here we’ll see how to export the data to CSV as well as in Excel file.  Exporting as csv file is a very easy task because cvs files doesn’t have any formatting and the data are separated by a comma. Even we can create a csv file using any text editor like notepad. […]



Adding custom url for Instagram images using instafeed.js

You may be using instafeed.js library to display the Instagram feed in your website. But wonder how can we add your own url for those images while it displaying the images from Instagram. In this post I’ll show you the way of adding custom url for Instagram images using instafeed.js and it has a little hack. The hack is applied since the instafeed doesn’t allow to have dynamic link. Example scenario  :  You are running a online shopping […]

Integrate YouTube Api with website and creating a sample YouTube playlist with popup video player

Hi folks, This post will give a guide on how to integrate YouTube Api with website and creating a sample YouTube playlist with popup video player. Here is the sample look of the playlist. Check the sample code here If you just want to embed YouTube videos, you can just simply uses the YouTube video link and embed to your site. But if you want to show more information about the video you are gonna […]



Show custom marker icon and clustering the location when zoom out the Google Map 1

Hi folks, This is a sub post of Google Map Store locator series. In this post, we’ll see how to show custom marker icon and clustering the location when zoom out the Google Map. Please refer this link if you missed the first part, integrate basic Google Map. Here is the sample demo. (zoom out to cluster the markers) Showing custom markers icon on google map. You may have different kind of store and want to differentiate each stores with […]

Google Map Store Locator showing locations and popup info window in the map 2

Hi folks, This is a sub post of Google Map Store locator series. In this post, we’ll see how to integrate google map in your website with some basic functionalities, like; Marking locations on map. Showing location info when clicking the location. Here is the sample out. Now jump to implementation part behind this, don’t expect any rocket science work here, it simple as Ctrl+C & Ctrl+P 😛 Define the html div where you want to display […]



Integrate Google Map – Store locator in a website 2

Hi folks, This topic will have series of posts that gonna give an guide to integrate Google Map – Store locator in a website with various functionalities like; Showing location in the map with popup info window. Clustering the location(markers) when zoom in and out. Searing for stores on Google Map. Finding near by stores when searching and showing directions and distance to the store. And last but not least, your requested to have on google map. Note: I’m […]

Move wordpress from sub-directory to root while keeping the same url pattern

Hi Folks, Recently I moved my wordpress blog from sub-directory (/root/blog/) to root (/root/) directory. Once I moved to root directory the blog url structure get changed from /blog/poast1 to /post1 and that leads to reduce the SEO from google and 404 error. So in this post, I’m gonna describe how to move wordpress from sub-directory to root while keeping the same url pattern which means without affecting SEO or facing 404 error.   Step 1: Before […]



Load Instagram images to multiple Divs using instafeed.js 3

Hi folks, If you are using instafeed JavaScript library to load the Instagram images to you site, you may face the limitation to show the images into different Div elements. Here we’ll see how we can get the image feed and showing them into different Div elements. The steps to achieve this; Override the success call back, because it provides the feasibility to handle the feed data as we want. Create feed data with desired template(because this […]

Automatically add/duplicate content to other-sites on publishing a content – Umbraco

This post explains, how to add the contents automatically to sibling site on publishing it on a site. For example, you are maintaining multiple sites using Umbraco and you are adding a blog content to one of your site and want to use the same blog content on other sites also.  Let’s see how we can achieve this functionality; First we need to catch the publish event then we can write the way we want to handle the […]



Integrate Copernica with with your Site/Umbraco using SOAP API

If you are a email user, you may get some mails in your inbox(or spam) which are promoting products, news letter or event invitation.  Usually these kind of mails are sent using some online marketing software. One of the well known online marketing software is Copernica and here let’s look how to integrate Copernica with with your Site/Umbraco. How Copernica online marketing works? Copernica provides a database, so the website’s user/visitors data(actually Copernica calls it as profile) can be synced with Copernica […]

Displaying Instagram feeds on website with pagination

Hi Folks, This post about integrating Instagram feeds on website with pagination support. Now a days people are spending most of their time with social networks, so what is the easiest way to attract the views to your website. It’s easy, integrate the social network with your website so views can be more attached to you site. In one of my previous post, I have explained about Integrate social [twitter,blogger,wordpress,flicker,youtube] feeds with your Website. In this […]



Dynamically loading data to dropdown from Umbraco backoffice content 1

Hi folks, Recently I came across a problem while developing a website using Umbraco.  which is I need to load the drop down values in the umbraco backoffice content using the content defined in same/other backoffice content. Usually  if we want to have custom valued dropdown list, we’ll create a new dropdown datatype with custom dropdown list values. But it has some limitation, such as; Need to create multiple dropdown datatype if the site supports multiple languages. It’s too […]