Grub War – Reinstall Ubuntu/Windows Grub Boot-loader

IF your PC has dual boot Windows and Ubuntu, you may probably face this problem, GRUB war. 🙂 I also faced this problem and would like to share the solution i found by Googling . . .


Reinstall Ubuntu 10.xx GRUB after Windows 7 install ***

Boot Ubuntu 10.xx(xx- Your Ubuntu version ) from CD/USB.

Open the Terminal and run the code

You will get a list like this.

From this list find the directory you have installed your Ubuntu. In my case it’s “/dev/sda7″

Now type the following code in your terminal

Finally reinstall the GRUP

That’s all, Restart your PC. The home welcomes you.


Reinstall Windows 7 GRUB if you want to stay with Windows forever *** 🙂

Boot windows 7 from DVD

In the Windows installation window select “Repair Your Computer”

After it identified your Windows 7 you will get a System Recovery Window.

Select Command Prompt and run the following codes one by one.

Close the windows and restart, that’s ALL.

Some screenshots of GRUB war  😉

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* I faced this problem for a long time and most of the time i failed to repair the GRUP and most of the time i pushed into a situation ,reinstalling the entire OS again and that would be my hope. Reinstalling a OS is not a big task but after a fresh install talking your System into previous environment is too difficult and consumes lots of time.

** I doubted how many people gonna try this solution but i’m 100% sure there is a one person surely gonna follow this methods, THAT’S ME  . . .   😉

*** It works on my PC !  🙂

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