6 months at IFS as an intern . . .

IFS_logo1During the last 6 months I underwent a training program at IFS. That was one of the awesome periods I never had during my university life, 6 month continues entertainment. You may think the works I carried out there was awesome but it’s not the case. The entertainment I had while working at IFS as an intern was the awesome time I’m talking here, Yea it’s all about the fun we had at IFS. Usually the people works in a company mainly in a software company repeat the same pattern of activity even if they realized, it is ridiculous.

One of the tremendous, unforgettable and fabulous event during the training period was a trip to Amaya Lake. The beauty of the trip was not only taking the rest at Amaya Lake but also have a fun time, yaa they attached the New Year games with this trip. The second big event we had at IFS was annual sports festival. Those are the two big fabulous events we had and some other enjoyable moments.

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IFS is not only a place to apply our book knowledge in to real world problem to get a best practice but also helps to improve out sports activities. It means it provides mental and physical strengths that make us as a perfect man. Swimming and badminton are the two main activities I have after I finished my work. Can you believe that I learnt swimming after I joined with IFS, yep this is one of my big achievement at IFS.

Thanks IFS . . .   🙂

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  1. tax attorney says:

    Thanks dude. That is nice reading.

  2. Cool web site, I hadn’t come across ajithsrikukan.wordpress.com earlier in my searches!
    Carry on the superb work!

  3. Wickram says:

    bro how could I get an intern opportunity at IFS??

  4. Chethiya says:

    I’m currently studying at an university doing a degree in IT field after reading this you made wanting to apply to IFS for an internship so I’m wondering how to apply for an internship at IFS ,do they advertise it on news papers?If you have time could you please let me know in return thank you.

  5. I’m currently doing an IT degree,after reading this you made me want to apply for an internship at IFS so I was wondering how to apply for an internship at ifs,do they advertise it news papers?If have time please let me know in return thank you.

  6. dushan says:

    let me know , how to apply for this internships

  7. Israth says:

    I want internship in IFS. How to apply?

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