Another reason for Ubuntu – Ubuntu One

For a long time there was a fight between my data and hard disk. My hard disk won’t keep the data for more than 1 year. Always it gives some trouble and all my data will be lost. Actually it’s not hard disk trouble it’s mine 🙂 .
so I would like go for web storage solution. I found some good sites and they provide enough free space but the problem I faced was uploading the data to the server. They don’t allow me to use any ftp client (like FileZilla) to upload the files and some sites asked to install their client to upload the files. Both methods make me sad and it’s not the solution I’m searching for. But there must be a solution for our problem , , ,  the solution is Ubuntu One . .
  • The Ubuntu One provides up to 2GB web storage if you want you can purchase more storage.
  • No need to install any additional client softwares. with a single click you can synchronize the folder with server.
  • Easy to share the files with others

there are many features available in Ubuntu One. just Google it for more information . .

Here  i attached a cool video . . . just watch it 😉

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