How to capture and debug SOAP request response using Fiddler

Now a days, the usage of the webservices are massive due to its flexibility and comparability. Since most of the time we call the third parties web-services, we don’t have the control to debug the request/responses when there is some error. So here what we are gonna see is, how to monitor/catch the web-service request response fired from our program when calling a webservices that are used with SOAP protocol.

Most probably we may face the data issues when passing to the web-service. I also had the same issues when I work with PostNL integration where there we some invalid data going with the request and I couldn’t check it from the code itself. So only possible way to fix this is, capture the request/response that fired between our program and web-service. So easily we can check what data went wrong and able to correct it.

Fiddler is the tool that we can use to monitor. Usually It’ll support HTTP requests but if you are calling any HTTPS web-services then need to setup some configuration in the in option section.

Watch the full guide in the video here


Here is the captured SOAP requests response.

In the above request response, we can check easily what went wrong and correct it.

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