Integrate Copernica with with your Site/Umbraco using SOAP API

If you are a email user, you may get some mails in your inbox(or spam) which are promoting products, news letter or event invitation.  Usually these kind of mails are sent using some online marketing software. One of the well known online marketing software is Copernica and here let’s look how to integrate Copernica with with your Site/Umbraco.

How Copernica online marketing works?

Copernica provides a database, so the website’s user/visitors data(actually Copernica calls it as profile) can be synced with Copernica database using their SOAP/REST web-services. Once the data get synced, logged-in to their dashboard and you can see all the profiles synced from your website. Now you have the flexibility to do whatever you want to do with those profile data. Like, sending e-marketing/newsletter/event invitation emails also you can create/design your own mail template and send it.

If you are using Umbraco CMS, you can use the Copernica plug-in but it has some limitation like; can’t have control what to sync, when to sync and where to sync.

So the easiest way to use their SOAP/REST web-services and it give full flexibility to control the way the data sync.

Now see, how can we integrate Copernica with with your ASP.Net Site/Umbraco

First create a Service Reference called “CopernicaService” by mapping to this service url (Please check with Copernica for the correct URL at the time you implement it). Now we’ll be able to call the web-services using the service we have created.

Secondly create the class called “CopernicaHandler” which do the communication with Copernica database. This class has the following functionality;

  1. the profile properties will be passed with the AddProfile()
  2. Try to login to copernica using provided login credentials
  3. Check where the profile already exists using profile’s email address
  4. insert the profile to the copernica database


Now call the AddProfile() when/where ever you want. Here I have used a thread to call the  AddProfile() to avails the waiting time of other calls since this call takes significant amount of time to communicated and insert the profile to copernica database.

You can find more info about integrating Copernica with with your Site/Umbraco @ SOAP API documentation SOAP API method reference Download SOAP API example script for C#

Note: When you deploy to live or beta server, please make sure that you have added the firewall permission to access the copernica soap api url.

Happy e-Marketing with Copernica 🙂

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