Integrate Google Map – Store locator in a website

Hi folks,

This topic will have series of posts that gonna give an guide to integrate Google Map – Store locator in a website with various functionalities like;

  1. Showing location in the map with popup info window.
  2. Clustering the location(markers) when zoom in and out.
  3. Searing for stores on Google Map.
  4. Finding near by stores when searching and showing directions and distance to the store.
  5. And last but not least, your requested to have on google map.

Note: I’m gonna use Google Maps Web APIs to implement above stuffs, so may not compatible with Android/iOS

Some steps to note before get into work;

Using google map api service is totally free up to some traffic(quota) level, and if your site running out of quota then you have to pay for that. And google provide two solution for that;

  1. Enroll for automated billing of excess map loads in the Google Developers Console.
  2. Purchase a Google Maps API for Work license.

In- order to use google service, you no need to add any api key in the reference url. But Google recommends to use it, so you can monitor your google map traffic in real time and google will keep in touch with you f there any problem in your website google map.

Here is the quota limitation of Google map;

  1. 25 000 map loads per day. more
  2. Geo-coding – 5 requests per second and totally 2500 requests per 24 hour period and. more


Happy location mapping with google map 😉

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