Tips for creating posters using MS Word

This post talks about, “Tips for create posters using Microsoft Word” if you don’t have any experiences with other tools like Photoshop or Gimp.

Word 2007/2010 improved a lot compare to its previous releases. Here I share some of the features that I know . . .

  • First setup the poster format.
  • Used text boxes to write texts. Text box has the feature of adding backgrounds and nice borders that make more attractive the poster.
    • Especially when describing project components use text box.
  • Use some nice picture for the background.
  • Use the picture styles.
  • Use MS Word Illustrations whenever needed.
Recently i experienced with creating a poster for my final year project. Initially I started with some graphic editing tool and faced a hard time to make the poster within a limited time :). Suddenly got a thought of “Why don’t I work with the tool that I used for documentation”….  yap, that led me to pick MS word even i never used it to graphic editing purposes.

Happy Poster 🙂

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  1. this tips are awesome great job keep going..
    thanking you!

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